Witness and Memorial Reunion in Bardejov May 15 and 16, 2012
70th Anniversary of the deportation of the Bardejov Jews

We will come together in Bardejov in remembrance of the thousands of Bardejov area Jews who died in the Holocaust on the 70th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews from Bardejov. May 15, 1942, was a day in Bardejov when Jewish families were packed into train cars and transported to ghettos, and ultimately to concentration camps that led most to their death. A total of over 2,401 people, men, women and children, were deported by train from the Bardejov station on May 15. Other deportations occurred earlier on April 7, and, later final sweeps of the city were made in June and July 1942.

We would like you to make plans to travel to Bardejov to remember these victims. At that time, if all goes as we plan, we will be unveiling a new memorial to Bardejovís holocaust victims. Their names, almost 4,000, will be inscribed on the memorial. We would like you to be there and be part of the dedication of the memorial.

If you are interested in the trip please complete this form.

To read a timeline of the Jewish history of Bardejov that includes more detailed information about the 1942 deportations, visit this link


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